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Root Canal therapy involves filling the inside of your tooth to prevent bacteria from growing in it. Each tooth has a space within it that contains blood vessels and nerve tissues that supply the tooth. Root Canal Therapy needs to be done if this tissue becomes infected, inflammed or has formed an ensuing abscess.
Root Canal Therapy is a procedure that requires multiple appointments during which the canals are cleaned, shaped and filled, to ensure the tooth remains free from infection. Moreover, treatment eliminates the pain and infection from your tooth and allows the area to remain healthy and the tooth to remain in place.
Up to 10% of root canal treated teeth may experience continuing pain and infection.
However, the only alternative to a Root Canal treatment is to extract the tooth. If the nerve of a tooth is irreversibly damaged or dead, the body will not heal the tooth. While symptoms may initially resolve, infection or pain will always recur.
Once Root Canal Therapy has been completed, a permanent restoration such as a crown maybe required to protect the tooth.
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