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dental crowns sydney


A Crown is a dental restoration that covers up or caps a tooth. It is cemented into place and cannot be taken out. Dental crowns are an effective long-term treatment options for teeth that are heavily restored or have had root canal therapy treatment. The tooth is first prepared, to allow acceptance of a custom-made crown that is then cemented onto the tooth. This helps rebuild the shape and restore function and strength to the tooth. Dental crowns can be made with a variety of materials and depending on your case, your dentist will help you decide the best type of crown for you.

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A Bridge is a dental restoration that replaces missing teeth. A bridge is cemented in place and cannot be taken out. Dental bridge allows replacement of missing teeth. It is usually made of two dental crowns on either side of the gap which are attached to a false tooth (pontic) in between the two crowns. Dental bridges are considered a cost effective method in replacing missing teeth when compared to dental implants.

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